About Us

Welcome to MyConfessor: the app that lets you find priests who are available for confession in real time!

As a priest, you can use MyConfessor to publish the fact that you are ready to hear confessions.

As a penitent, you can search for priests who are currently in the confessional.

We know this is a unique idea, and we're pretty sure you've got some questions, so check out our FAQ section below, or email us at myconfessor-admin@churchmilitant.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use MyConfessor?

A: Go to the main page and use the search box to find a priest by name. Or, search by parish, city, diocese or zip code to search for all priests in the area.

Q: What information do you collect or save?

A: MyConfessor is completely anonymous for penitents (that's you!). There is no login, and we don't collect or save any personal information about you.

Q: I'm a priest. How do I get on board?

A: Great! Currently, MyConfessor is in beta mode, which means we're testing it with just a few priests to make sure we're giving the best experience to all our users. Please email us at myconfessor-admin@churchmilitant.org to let us know that you're interested, and when we enable the account request feature, we'll notify you.